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Eldimaa Fashion at the Afro Hair & Beauty Show!

ELDIMAA FASHION at the Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 201728TH & 29TH MAY 2017 THE BUSINESS DESIGN CENTRE   by Anaïs - Communication & Marketing Intern   Last weekend, Eldimaa Fashion was selling our items at the biggest and most spectacular exhibition dedicated to the afro hair and beauty show in Europe, at the Business Design Centre in London. The Afro Hair and Beauty show is an annual appointment that no one would like to miss. Especially not Elizabeth Eldimaa, the founder and designer of Eldimaa Fashion. she was totally ready to meet her customer during these 2 days (May 28th and May 29th). Eldimaa collaborated  with bespoke jewellery maker Katiico and you shop both their creations at the same place!  CELEBRATE THE...

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How Social media transformed French Fashion House Balmain

  How Social media transformed French Fashion House Balmain   By   Marie Le Bournot   Olivier Rousteing is the youngest artistic director for one of the largest French haute couture houses: Balmain A typical career for a gifted fashionista, he evolved alongside the greatest, gained the confidence of the most difficult clients who were fascinated by his exquisite taste of women's fashion. Rousteing was initiated as a studio manager to Christophe Decarnin and then a few years later he became the artistic director of Balmain.   Company strategy?  At that time, the house Balmain was no longer talked about, Olivier brought this house back to greatness, because of his youthfulness and limitless talent, in his first collections he introduced...

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Celebrity Fashion Colour Trends Summer 2016

by Juline Merlet  Here they are, the 10 trendiest colors for the Summer 2016! But can we match this pantone with african prints? For sure! Follow the guide.  N°1 & 2: Rose Quartz & Echo    2 nice pinks matching well together! Particularly on these Elidimaa shorts, perfect for the season. N°3: Serenity    A cool and gentle blue, so pleasant to wear on a soft cotton, like on our printed top: N°4: Snorkel blue    A maritime blue that brings us directly far away on sunny beaches... Also very classy on shift dresses, to bring summer in corporate outfits. N°5: Buttercup    What suggest sun better than this bright yellow? On a dashiki for the beach or on a chic jacket in the city....

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In love with Michaela Coel's dress

by Juline Merlet   Idris Elba and Michaela Coel   Last night, the sublime actress Michaela Coel won the BAFTA Best Female Comedy Performance Award for her performance in Chewing Gum, the comedy show of which she is both the writer and the main actress. Michaela has also been noticed for an other reason: she wore, on the occasion of this very special evening, a gorgeous colorful dress. We love this all over bright African print and this perfect high neck and open back cut, which fits perfectly her slim figure. Surely the work of a talented world-famous designer, you think? Not exactly. This awesome dress was hand-made by her mum, which make of this garment a unique piece, inspired by a mum's love. So, please, general ovation for this super-talented...

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My hour with the supermodel Naomi Campbell

by Juline Merlet One week ago, I had the chance to be in the same room as Naomi Campbell. Yes, the same great super model whom I saw on more covers than I can number, and whom I was watching on the TV in The Face a few years ago. Ms Campbell came to China Exchange on this 19th April, in the heart of China Town, London to spend 60 minutes of Q&A with us, to the delight of her fans, but also of fashion lovers, eager to ask her a lot of questions. She answered with humour, grace and humbleness. I was almost surprised to see how human she is, after seeing her so many times as an icon...

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