Style Guide: Colours to incorporate into your wardrobe for SS22

Though it may not feel like it with the presence of Storm Eunice throughout the weekend, spring is just a month away, and as such it is time to start thinking about your SS22 wardrobe. There is no better way to combat the grey, dull tones of winter than looking ahead to the spring and summer months, that are full of colour, life and warmth.
So what are the colours to look for this spring and summer? What should you be incorporating into your wardrobe to bring that splash of colour, whilst simultaneously staying on trend. In our guide we discover the main colours of the upcoming season.

Groovy Green

Green is such a versatile colour and there are so many different shades of green that can grace your wardrobe over the spring summer season. The key tones, however, sit at either end of the spectrum, bold deep emerald greens that make your outfit pop and subtle pastel greens, a sort of chartreuse to add a sense of delicacy to your wardrobe. This contrasting tone of striking atomic and emerald green to the more subdued and delicate tones of pastels, that are perfect for wearing throughout the day, offer a versatility to your wardrobe, whilst both playing homage to the freshness and tone of the spring summer months.

Vibrant Yellow

I don’t know about you, but the colour epitomises spring and summer, the glowing tone a symbol of happiness, positivity and warmth that seems to radiate through the months where the weather is nicer and the days are longer. Yellow doesn’t suit all skin tones and styles, but the zesty vibrance of bright and bold yellow, think lemon zest yellow, are sure to bring a statement to your spring summer wardrobe. Yellow is one of those colours that emotes happiness, it increases are endorphins because it reminds us of the sun and the beautiful flowers of spring. Yellow brings out a bold femininity that will make you the envy of friends and passersby this season.

Bold Blue

Whilst yellow emotes the feelings of sunshine, sand and beautiful spring flowers, bold deep blues are reminiscent of gorgeous blue skies and glittering exotic oceans. Blue is one of those colours that depending on the time of year, can capture the niceness of winter or embrace the warmth of spring, and wearing a bold, vibrant, royal blue this spring/summer will bring a sense of decadence and lightness to your wardrobe. Blue is one of those colours that suits most people, and it is the perfect addition to your spring/summer wardrobe.

Radiant Orange

Just like yellow, orange is one of those colours that you have to wear with confidence, and in doing so you can own the colour this spring/summer. Like many other colours, the tone of orange you wear alters depending on the season and so as spring and summer approaches it is time to put away the burnt orange and ambers of winter and embrace the bold, bright orange tones of the summer months. Think sun orange or orange popsicle for a bolder stand, or blazing orange for a slightly lighter undertone to the bright colour.
Whilst these are some of the most on trend colours of the spring, summer season, there are so many different ways in which you can alter your wardrobe to make sure you’re prepared for the summer months. Summer is all about freshness, whether that’s achieved through bringing bright and bold colours to your wardrobe, or opting for light and airy pastels. You may be a monochrome girl, in which case the pure, airiness of white will be an essential addition to your wardrobe. In terms of style, think airy and flowing, but most importantly, whatever you opt to wear make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Remember, you can pull off any outfit, as long as you wear it with confidence.
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