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Simple How To Tie Avant Garde Gele

   Have you seen the new elaborate Gele headwraps at parties and wonder how to tie it or what it's called? Eldimaa Fashion will be showing you how Ovy Okon, Italian based Nigerian make up artist and Gele expert ties the Avant Garde Gele on her YouTube Channel  ...Enjoy                 

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Eldimaa's Blazer Wishlist

By Loisann Amoako Black Friday is in full swing and Eldimaa Fashion are in cheerful enlightenment to why you should still be shopping pretty, patterned, print blazers this season. The perfect styling of blazer jackets in bold prints and colourful patterns is with a monochrome toned turtleneck. Black, greys and white accurately lay a neutral foundation for your vibrant blazer to be the timeless essential your wardrobe desires. You need not worry about outerwear now as you are kept warm and cosy in your turtleneck and effortlessly your blazer becomes your jacket. The attribute of cool cuts and waist lengths give your upper body a statement fit and in their variety you can count on there being a suitability for every...

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Welcome on our new Website

Eldimaa innovates again and improve your experience. By this way, discover our new website and our new collections. Don't forget dresses are a limited edition. Get yours now.  

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