Eldimaa Fashion's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Wanting to buy your significant other the perfect Valentine’s Day gift but not sure what to get them? Eldimaa Fashion is here to help with our Valentine’s Gift Guide. Exploring some of the ways you can tell your other half you love them this Valentine’s Day, our guide has something for everyone. Check out our list below to find some inspiration ahead of the big day.


For some it may be a cliche, but for others there’s nothing they love more than the classic Valentine’s Day gift. A beautiful bouquet of flowers, be it red roses, a gorgeous bunch of peonies or a stunning colourful array of tulips; a box of chocolates from their favourite brand to a fancy box with a selection of exciting flavours. Why not buy a cute teddy bear or a heart shaped balloon to finish of the surprise.


Why not get you and your significant other tickets to something you can enjoy together. Whether it’s vouchers for a gorgeous meal at your favourite restaurant, or somewhere new, a delightful afternoon tea at a fancy hotel or a fun brunch - bottomless or normal! Perhaps you could buy tickets to see their favourite band, to a special event or to see a masterpiece in the theatre or on the west end. 

Something Sentimental 

Why not buy something that can be kept for sentimental value that can last a lifetime. A piece of jewellery, a commemorative photo gift or a personalised gift that symbolises your love for one another.  

Pamper Session 

Treat your loved one to a pamper session, either by booking them into a relaxing spa or getting them vouchers for an afternoon of treatments. Whether you want to treat them to a solo day where they can relax by themselves, or a fun couples day getting joint treatments and relaxing by the pool, what’s more wonderful on Valentine’s Day than chilling out together. If you don’t want to splash out on a spa day, why not do your own DIY one at home, with soothing face masks, a luxurious bubble bath and a gorgeous scented candle. Why not treat yourself to one of our Eldimaa bonnet sets to wear whilst you’re relaxing.

Get Creative

Show the person you love how much you love them by getting creative and making them something from the heart. Whether you show off your culinary prowess by cooking them a delicious meal or baking them a treat, getting creative by making a scrapbook celebrating your relationship, or going old school and making them their very own “mix-tape”. It’s not about how much it costs, it’s the thought that counts.
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