Over the last 7 years, the brides and celebrants below have put their trust in award winning London College of Fashion graduate designer Elizabeth Eldimaa to ensure their big day is special.
We understand how important your outfit is and we NEVER disappoint.


"Dear Lizzie, many thanks again for all your hard work making the wonderful waistcoats and wedding favour bags for our wedding - they made the day so unique and special. Our waistcoats was better than the Hugo Boss sample" 



At the British Film Institute Gala.

 "Hey, Im loving the dress, thanks hun xxx" 



"Love this!!!, Thanks to the best tailor"   Alex


"I love the way it shows of my figure, perfect fit, Thanks Liz B"   Sheena



A beautiful African inspired dress



Funke's "gorgeous black dress"


Patricia B: "Thank you Elizabeth for my beautiful engagement party dress, I absolutely love the way it fits my body"


Cherise Makubale, in her beautiful bespoke dress


The beautiful Charlotte wearing her Elizabeth Eldimaa bespoke lace and ankara dress


"I am wearing a fabulous skirt from #ElizabethEldimaa. I love this skirt! More ordered. Happy customer"   Agata


" You made me look so elegant. Thank you"    Tumi


"I'm loving my Eldimaa Fashion dress"    Sasha


"Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for this beautiful dress, it was just right for the music video. I love it"   Tara



An Elizabeth Eldimaa dress for the Africa Fashion Week London (2014)


Patricia: "Hey Elizabeth, the dress is perfect!"


"At Spitalfields loving my Eldimaa dress"    Emmanuella


Triumph: " I love my pink dress and matching bag, thank you Eldimaa "


"Thank you my dress Liz, everyone at the wedding complimented me"   Renike



Incredible style with this bespoke evening dress 


Deji, Hertfordshire