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The Malika in Blue

The Malika in Blue

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Part of our new range of women’s two pieces, The Malika is a stunning jacket and trouser combination, available in a variety of vibrant colours and vivid patterns. What we love about The Malika is its versatility, as it can be worn as a two piece or as individual garments: pairing the jacket with a pair of jeans and t-shirt for a shirt casual look, or teaming the trousers with a pretty blouse or shirt for a smart-casual style.

Sleek and modern, this version of The Malika expertly pairs two different African print fabrics together to create a stylish dual tone piece. The core of the jacket  and the thighs of the trousers, are made from a material that can only be describe as a celebration of blue. The vibrant base is a deeper, more royal blue, that beautifully compliments the light icy tones of the overlay pattern, which resembles lotus flowers. The “trimming” of the jacket and trousers, i.e. the sleeves and the bottom of the jacket, as well as the waistband and lower leg of the trousers, are made from a vivid and intricate black fabric, with a delicate yellow dotted and leaf pattern across the top.

Product Information:

  • Two-piece comprising of trousers and a jacket
  • Collarless open front neckline
  • Ankara African print material
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