The Zarina in Burnt Orange

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Introducing The Zarina, an exciting new addition to the Eldimaa Fashion collection. This beautiful kimono is expertly designed to provide both style and comfort, its long silhouette and spacious sleeves providing an effortlessly glamorous look befitting of all occasions. 

What we love about The Zarina in Burnt Orange is how easy it is to style, the black base of the kimono seamlessly fitting into your wardrobe to be incorporated into your everyday style. Brought together by the splashes of colour across the African print material, this statement piece is a much sought after addition to our collection. The intricate and detailed patterning on the material imitates a peacock feather motif, the effect rippling across the material in bold bursts of lime green, illuminating yellow, bright blue and shades of pink. The bold colours and the patterns on the material create an excitingly vibrant piece, perfect for a cheery summers day or brightening up the colder months.

Product Details:

  • Made from cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Lined Kimonos
  • Comes with belt