How Social media transformed French Fashion House Balmain


How Social media transformed French Fashion House Balmain
Marie Le Bournot


Olivier Rousteing is the youngest artistic director for one of the largest French haute couture houses: Balmain

A typical career for a gifted fashionista, he evolved alongside the greatest, gained the confidence of the most difficult clients who were fascinated by his exquisite taste of women's fashion.

Rousteing was initiated as a studio manager to Christophe Decarnin and then a few years later he became the artistic director of Balmain.


Company strategy?

 At that time, the house Balmain was no longer talked about, Olivier brought this house back to greatness, because of his youthfulness and limitless talent, in his first collections he introduced a new graphic rock line, a marriage between Vintage and contemporary. He designed for the sexy and strong woman.

Balmain’s strategy is to dominate social media networks, and befriend the biggest names in show business such as the family Kardashians.

A paradox between a big French house and American reality TV stars worked!



During the 2017 fashion week Balmain’s new collection inspired by the Amazons 



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