New Year, New Rules.

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New Year, New Rules.


To our dear Eldimaa family, we hope you have had a wonderful Christmas season. After a couple of weeks off from daily life and commitments we are back to help you break in the New Year in the best possible way. New Year’s Eve won’t have been quite as expected this time round, but I am sure you are as excited as us all for 2020 to be a distant memory. This is the time to put the past months behind you, prioritise feeling good about yourself and turn a new leaf.
Breaking into the New Year is always an exciting, yet intimidating time and we’re no strangers to the inevitable influx of January media posts and adverts that are about to fill your newsfeed. On the eve of our culture’s attack on confidence and self-valuation we are here to tell you just how to break the traditions. Yes, a new year marks time for change but that does not mean to say you need to change yourself! Our viewpoint? A New Year marks an opportunity to take risks and create an impact. I want you to say goodbye to the ‘new normal’ and make your own, abnormal style statement. Fashion is a prime form of expression, so use it. After all, without variety we’d be bored, wouldn’t we?
I know what you’re thinking, how could one possibly make a fashion statement with current restrictions, during the most anti-social period of the past decade? Simple, think outside of the box and reinvent the way in which you dress to impress. Here are my steps to making the jump:
1. Be-YOU-tiful
Forget everyone else and their opinion, do what you feel like and do it for yourself. Who cares if you aren’t meeting anyone today? What did you buy that nice dress for if you aren’t going to wear it?
It is well known that dressing well has more than just aesthetic benefits and it can actually make you feel and act better. In fact, studies have shown that those who wear what they are comfortable and confident in are more productive. Embrace the fact that the lack of dress code at home gives you the freedom to increase your own image and boost morale; which in turn could lead to personal and professional gains.
 2.  Accessorise
We’ve all been guilty of neglecting our appearance I’m sure, however, being on camera means we are far more exposed than we think even when staying at home. If you want to be the Zoom icon or portrait of the family video call, you’ll need to express your personality through your upper-half.
It can be easy to get lost among the uninterested faces and screens of bland shirts and bookcases so make a strong impression using bold colours and go heavy on the accessories. Try one of our headwraps or bonnets to bring a little bit of life and colour to your look or experiment with a new hairstyle. You could even put a bit of character into your background with our gorgeous décor range to make everyone envious of your home.
3. Chic & Cosy
One development of the past year that we all have to love is the acceptance of comfort chic and the regression of the dreaded ‘smart casual’ dress code once feared by all. Although pyjamas are great - I’d be more than happy to wear them all day every day - it is important to mix up the capsule wardrobe and put a new spin on the loungewear that’s had more than its share of the limelight.
Simple style doesn’t have to be boring; we have seen many trends this season from knitwear to facemasks. We have something for everyone and even some pieces to spread an important message whilst still staying comfortable. Take a look at our sweatshirts, joggers and slogan t shirts to give yourself presence that’s effortlessly powerful.
4. Revamp, Reuse, Recycle
Normally we would be dying to hit the shops and get ourselves some bargains from the January sales. Sadly, that is not so easy at the moment, but this does not mean it isn’t possible to give your wardrobe a makeover. Drag out the old pieces and give them a new lease of life. Crop an old jumper, turn a tie into a headscarf or upcycle those worn designer jeans. If you need a helping hand, we have all items available to deliver. Take inspiration from our vintage jeans which are a staple piece for anyone’s collection or a multi-wrap dress which offers multiple styling options.   
On behalf of the Eldimaa team, I want to say thank you for your continued support. The recent reviews and messages we have received thrill us and we love seeing you enjoying our products. It is a privilege to have such a community of incredible people around us and we cannot wait to see what 2021 brings. Remember to follow us for regular updates and features on Instagram and Facebook or sign up to our email list to be updated with our latest discounts and new collections. Visit for more information.
Stay safe and have a truly Happy New Year!

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