Lockdown Lifted: Perfect Outfits to wear to Bars and Restaurants

Lockdown Lifted: Perfect Outfits to wear to Bars and Restaurants

Monday marked the lifting of lockdown restrictions across England, with restaurants, bars, pubs and shops reopening. The sun is beginning to shine, and walking through towns and city centres we're beginning to once agin hear the sound of music and laughter as people flock to spend time with family and friends.


However, whilst April 12th brought us a whole host of new opportunities and ways to spend our downtime, it also brought with it the question: What do we wear?


For many of us, it's been a little while since we got dressed up and headed out to socialise in person. No longer can you pair a pretty top with uncoordinated bottoms because you're only on a zoom call, you actually want to match and look your best across your entire outfit.


But don't worry, we at Eldimaa Fashion are here to help, with outfits to help you look your best no matter whether its a casual pub garden, a fancy bar garden terrace or a sit down meal at a restaurant garden this spring/summer


Sultry in monochrome

Little black dress, heels, faux fur cardigan and minimalist jewellery

Whether you're heading out for date night, or you just want to go all out, why not pair a little black dress with delicate jewellery and a pair of sleek black heels. The lbd is always a winner and black is the perfect colour for matching with a jacket or stylish cardigan if it starts to get a little chilly out. You will always look stylish in monochrome and it provides the perfect tones for adding a splash of colour if you so desire.

Smart casual

Long sleeve summer top, black jeans, black heels and handbag

The ideal outfit for dressing up or down, there's a reason why jeans and a nice top is the go to text amongst friends. Opting for a long sleeve summer top is the perfect option for a trip out in April, as it's cool enough to ensure you don't overheat in the sun, but warm enough that you don't get too cold when the sun starts to fade. Similarly, paired with a nice pair of black jeans, you can match with heels and your favourite bag for a smarter look or pair with some comfortable trainers if you want to achieve that chic laidback look.

Versatility is key

Multi-way wrap dress, clutch bag, hoop earrings and tie heels

You're probably going to be very busy over the coming weeks, with different friendship groups, colleagues and family members booking you in for a trip out to celebrate after a long winter. That's why a multiway dress is the perfect purchase for a busy social schedule, as it gives you multiple outfits and looks in just one purchase. Go easily from a classic skater dress or wrap dress, to a fancy halter neck or bandeau dress, to a smart cross front dress. You can pair with heel, sandals, sneakers and more, ensuring your style is always fresh and new. 

Adapt to the weather

 Red heels, High Low top dress, sandal and trainers

At this time of year it can be difficult to know what the weather is going to do, one day it can be cold, the next glorious sunshine, so having an adaptable outfit in your wardrobe can be a lifesaver. Dress tops, that can either be worn over a pair of jeans or leggings, or worn on their own with a pair of trainers or heels, are a great item to have in your wardrobe, with no end to their adaptability.

Styling Tip

Why not invest in a chic scarf to elevate your outfit no matter the occasion. Perfect for wearing as a head wrap or entwined in your hair as an additional accessory to give your outfit a pop, worn as a neck scarf for added warmth, or styled with your belt or bag to bring colour to your overall ensemble.

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