Celebrity Fashion Colour Trends Summer 2016

by Juline Merlet 

Here they are, the 10 trendiest colors for the Summer 2016! But can we match this pantone with african prints? For sure! Follow the guide.

Rose QuartzPeach Echo N°1 & 2: Rose Quartz & Echo   

2 nice pinks matching well together! Particularly on these Elidimaa shorts, perfect for the season.

Serenity N°3: Serenity   

A cool and gentle blue, so pleasant to wear on a soft cotton, like on our printed top:

Snorkel blue N°4: Snorkel blue   

A maritime blue that brings us directly far away on sunny beaches... Also very classy on shift dresses, to bring summer in corporate outfits.

N°5: Buttercup   

What suggest sun better than this bright yellow? On a dashiki for the beach or on a chic jacket in the city.

 N°6: Limpet Shell

A clear and fresh aqua. Our dashiki dress version of Limpet Shell is a shade brighter:

Lilac Gray N°7: Lilac Gray   

A classic neutral to rock with prints for more joy:

 N°8: Fiesta

This hot red has been well named. Even more festive with dashiki designs.

  N°9: Iced coffee

Soft and subtle, this neutral is one of these seasonal colors that are the easiest to wear. Our print T-shirt dress is a good example of this simplicity:

 N°10: Green Flash

A punchy color that should be assumed completely, on dashikis or in the shiny pattern of a funky skirt.

Now, it's you turn! Don't hesitate to mix these colors, try new combinations... Fashion should always be a way to have fun, and it's even more true in summer! Don't forget to tag @EldimaaFashion on social media if you publish your outfit. I can't wait to see the result...

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