Key colour trends for spring - How to master the transitional wardrobe

Key colour trends for spring - How to master the transitional wardrobe

Spring Colours: 

How to master the transitional wardrobe


Don’t ask me how, but winter is pretty much over. February has come and gone and left us all in a confused state of spring sunshine, bright mornings and longer evenings which come with them the huge dilemma; what do we wear now?

Although winter can be restrictive, forcing us to express ourselves through one of few coats and scarves, it is easy, it is comfortable. Spring brings with it the challenge of dressing for impressing, not just for practicality and warmth. This season is the one for reviving the wardrobe you’ve repeated countless times in your stay at home cosies and outdoor coffee stops. Transitional wardrobes are often mistaken, adapting only for climate, and missing the vital (in our opinion) second element of colour. 

A change of palette can bring an entirely new dimension to your outfit. Colours have the ability to lift a or your mood, catch eyes and refresh the mind. Bright and bold colours are of course Eldimaa’s forte so it’s only right we shed some light on this season and the best ways to make your mark. If you need a hand breaking out of a monochrome comfort zone, read about finding the right shades for you. Here are the top 5 colour trends to watch, based on Pantone’s shades of the year.




Mellow Yellow (illuminating)

You read that right. I am recommending yellow. Now I know more than anyone that yellow is the bane of the colour spectrum, toying with pretty much every hair colour and skin tone to make it seemingly impossible or garish to wear. I used to avoid it like the plague as it would endeavour to wash me out and make any coordinating ensemble a nightmare. However, according to Pantone we should be using the colour with force this year, in particular the vibrant shade ‘illuminating’...

I have to say, sceptic as I may be, I think this is a pretty wise move. We all need a little vibrance in our lives so why not put it in your outfit? It may surprise you that there are far more variants than you may think meaning it’s not such a task to find a suitable option.

Conclusion? Take the hint from the experts and risk getting some yellow in. Even I have been converted to the dark (pastel/lemon) side. 


Recommendation: If you’re going yellow, go all out and spread the sunshine with a one-piece wonder like this multi-wrap dress:

The infinite shades of Grey

The good news is that Grey has been recognised as the fashion colour deity it is. It may seem ‘safe’ or boring to some, but the options and combinations are limitless. I find it to be the ultimate chic finish to an outfit, ready to complement any other colour. Grey doesn’t have to be dull and can really highlight an outfit’s statement characteristics. Pantone know the power, choosing 'Ultimate' Grey as the go to this season.
You can now wear your lemon leggings with a little grey number and balance the look out.






Out with the old, in with the not-quite-blue


It seems like the last post might come in useful once more, with blue coming through as a top colour choice once more - repetition of once more??. Now this bears no surprises, there are endless possibilities from azure to pastel to darker than dark navy. For the Spring time, we should be putting a little spin on the traditional blue hues and head towards teal and turquoise. Think about those gorgeous yellow and greens of the spring countryside and combine them with the classic blue outfit to create a fresh look and a cheerful impression.


What better than jeans and a nice top for those April days of outdoor socialisation we have ahead? 

If you really want to be lavish, get all glam with a little blue dress and heels (or trainers we still have to stay outside after all). 





Red is the new black


We all know that red is the ultimate colour for expressing confidence and individuality so it has to be on the list. Red Riding Hood, the British Beefeaters and even the devil always embrace the rouge and that has earned them their fame and distinctive looks. A timeless classic is the perfect way to carry you through the seasons.  


Red has to be one of the best statement colours. Go for a his and hers combination with these gorgeous pieces (plus one for the kids ). Don't stop at one either let your fiery side out. 



Always ones to practice what we preach, Elizabeth Eldimaa and the team have been developing a whole new range (get ready to be amazed) for the upcoming season.

We have also picked out our best fabrics to help you introduce the shades of spring to your outfits. Our items are perfect for layering too so you can express yourself whatever the weather and get that ‘spring’ in your step.



Let us know your favourite combinations and tag us in your March garbs. Use the hashtag 'to be featured on our Instagram page. As always, stay safe and stay expressive, go and get that spring in your step.



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