How to host the perfect barbecue

Barbecues aren’t just about burgers and hot dogs, there is so much more that goes to making a good barbecue: from different meats, to daring marinades, delicious salads to all those added extras, here is our guide to hosting the perfect barbecue.



Not everyone is going to want or like the same thing, so it’s key to have variety when it comes to a barbecue. People often tend to focus on what meat they’re going to put on, and when someone asks “can I bring anything” it’s almost always sausages. So why not focus on what else you can bring to the menu. Supermarkets tend to focus on burgers, sausages and koftas, chicken kebabs and wings, why not cater to all dietary requirements by adding some extra things to the barbecue other than just meat.

Fish is GREAT on a barbecue, especially prawns, so why not try a combination of chilli and garlic, to get those prawns kicking. Wanting something a bit mellower, why not opt for a lemony marinade overnight? Not a fan of prawns? Salmon cooks beautifully on the barbecue and there are so many different ways you can prepare it. From a full piece of salmon cooked over a period of time with the lid down, to salmon fillets or even prepared as a kebab. Wrapping it in foil with some of your favourite flavour combinations can produce a succulent and deliciously flavoured piece of fish.

Vegetarian: It doesn’t just have to be bean burgers, why not try a halloumi veggie kebab, with cubes of the famous cheese intersecting pieces of pepper, red onion, either on its own or with a marinade (think chilli and soy). Why not try stuffed peppers, tomatoes, or griddle different vegetables to give them that gorgeous barbecue flavour.

TIP: We all love barbecued corn on the cob, why not try wrapping your corn in foil to make sure you don’t burn it.


Barbecues can be as much about the accompaniments as it is about the barbecued meats, fish and vegetables. Salads , dips and sides can be an equally exciting part of the meal and add that freshness that acts as a palette cleanser throughout the day. You have your classic salad, a potato salad and coleslaw, but why not mix it up with some shop bought salads, like four bean, noodle salads, cous cous and quinoa, or if you’re feeling adventurous, make your own. For dips, you can for anything from classic dip selections, to tex mex favourites, or a variety of different types of humus.
Eldimaa Loves: Our favourite homemade salad dish, is a light and refreshing pasta salad. Cook the pasta in boiling water with vegetable stock and then combine with the halved cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes and lemon zest. Create a sauce using the juice of one tomato, and two tablespoons, one of balsamic vinegar, the other of oil from the jar of sundried tomatoes. Finish with salt and pepper to taste, as well as a sprinkling of parsley and your favourite cheese (we recommend feta or mozzarella).


Make sure you have a variety of drinks to suit all parties, both those who fancy an alcoholic drink and those who don’t. Cocktails and mock tails are a great way to make a variety of drinks for all parties without having to buy loads of ingredients. They’re also a greats summer drink and look pretty in the inevitable pictures that will be taken. Why not check out our guide to some of our favourite cocktail and mocktail recipes to give you inspiration for your dream barbecue garden party.

Be Prepared

We don’t want to put a dampener on things, but with a barbecue, or indeed any occasion outdoors in the UK, you have to have a back up plan. Whether it’s a gazebo, an indoor space to eat, or an umbrella over the barbecue, make sure you’ve got a plan b in case the weather isn’t quite what you were hoping for. If all else fails, have an indoor barbecue by grilling your food in the oven, you’ll still have all the fun of the barbecue, just without the outdoors.


Why not make your own chilled out summer/barbecue playlist to serve as the backing track to your event? Don’t fancy the hassle, why not download a pre-made playlist on one of the music streaming services? Don’t forget to make sure there’s plenty to keep the kids entertained too, from outdoor games and sports, to fun board games or group games - barbecues are great because they can be whatever you want them to be: a great chance at family bonding, or a chance for the kids to let off steam whilst you enjoy some time being able to relax with your friends.


Decor isn’t a necessity but it’s sometimes fun to have an excuse to decorate your house ready for a special occasion. If you want to go for a more sophisticated look, smart lanterns or hanging lights are a go to, whilst for a more cutesy look you can opt for bunting and cute tea light holders.

TIP: Don’t forget Citronella candles, they’re perfect for keeping bugs and insects away.

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