Fashion: The Big Trends of 2022

With the dawn of a new year comes the dawn of new trends across the fashion world. We delve into some of the styles that will be particularly prominent in 2022, and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Colour of the Year

Very Peri is the Pantone colour of the year for 2022, a gorgeous shade of purple. Purple more generally is going to be big this year, the colour sparking connotations of calm and relaxation, the mellow hue bringing to our wardrobe the same effect that the scent of lavender and lilac have on the mind and body. Whether it’s incorporating subtle hints of purple into your outfit, a strip or splash amongst other colours, a purple top to compliment the rest of your outfit, or going all out purple, it will certainly be a go to this year.

The Oyin in Purple (currently on offer) is the perfect way to incorporate a splash of purple into your wardrobe. Match with The Ladun in Purple for the perfect co-ord. For men, why not try one of our gorgeous purple bow-ties: The Kunle.

Colour, colour and more colour!

2022 is not about neutral colours, with the colour combinations on catwalks across the world being big and bold. Whether it’s a bright fuchsia dress or a lime green and orange combination, there are no limitations this year when it comes to colour! Embrace your favourite colours no matter how bold and brighten up the dreary winter months with an abundance of your favourite hues.
Why not check out items like The Dami in Pink and our other array of colourful dresses. For little ones The Zareb in Yellow is the perfect addition to their wardrobe to bring a splash of colour.


For the minimalists, white is the choice of monochrome this year, the crisp and clean tone a stylish colour of choice for an entire outfit but also serving as the perfect canvas for adding a splash of colour and decadence to. Bold, bright colours have already been mentioned as being a popular choice this year, so why not blend the two trends to create a jaw dropping outfit that really pops.
For the ladies, why not opt for one of our beautiful white dresses such as The Amira or The Eki. For men, The Lekan is an absolute go to!

Party, Party, Party!

Once again, after a year marred by COVID-19, 2022 is all about dressing your absolute best and bringing the party atmosphere to your wardrobe. We are going to see a big comeback of “millennium”s style this year, with some of the big looks and favourite items from the 2000s making a comeback. The turn of the millennium was all about celebration, and this year our wardrobe is going to be reflecting that sentiment.
Why not try our big bold skirts, like the gorgeous Maxi - The Thema.

Party at the Back

Party at the back is exactly what you think it would be, with embellishments in the forms of capes, big bows and dipped hems at the back of your outfit being a popular trend this year. Taking the emphasis away from the front of the outfit, which tends to err towards the more simple ind design, party at the back gets you to make sure your outfit hits just right at all angles, giving you the full 360 look.
Our dress The Lola is as beautiful in colour and pattern as it is in design. The multi-way dress means that you can style it in a number of different ways to achieve different looks, whether it's a beautiful bow on the back of the dress, a halterneck or more!

Sleek and Slender

Sleek and slender, tight, figure hugging designs are what’s in order for 2022. The year of body positivity, 2022 is looking for women to embrace their sexy side and show off their figure and embrace their natural bodies. Sleek, slender, sensual and sophisticated, the look will be a hit for those night’s out with the girls.
Dresses like The Ife are the epitome of sleek, subtle and sexy!
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