Behind the scenes of a London Riverside Fashion Photoshoot


Every fashion lover have once observed pages of magazines and analyzed these incredible pictures that sublimate the fabrics, cuts, prints of clothing.

Photoshoot are really important, both for brands and customers. The relationship between the two goes through pictures of the pieces and clothes.
Pictures are made to highlight a new collection, to see how it looks on a model and which style can be achieved by wearing it.

Last Wednesday on the London Riverside Pier - St George's Wharf, I had the chance to see behind the scenes of a fashion photoshoot organised by Eldimaa Fashion. Come and join me as I share my experience with you.

This event was organized for Kasie, a talented young Nigerian fashion designer, who is developing her business based on African inspired clothes. Being in London for a short stay, it was the perfect occasion for Elizabeth Eldimaa to share with Kasie her experience in this field, and to organize a photoshoot, for Kasie’s new collection.





Obviously, what would be a fashion photoshoot without outstanding clothes?
The job isn’t as easy as it seems. The designer has to carefully decide of the entire outfit, to make sure that everything match together, and that it highlights every single piece.

Hopefully, the whole outfit will become so attractive, that you will need to get all of these items and be proud to feel like a fashionista !



Organizing a photoshoot require some human resources duties. The company needs to find models that match with the brand, its values, its inspirations, who feel confortable in front of a camera and who represent its clientele.
In Kasie’s case, finding models was super easy. Some of her friends were very keen to live a model experience, and were totally representing the clientele of the brand. As you may be aware, model, before shooting, try every outfit, and take care of their make-up and hair style.



Once everything is ready, models are almost good to go, and will soon be under the flashes. But if you want a professional and amazing result, you have to find the right spot.
People don’t always think of this detail, but the surroundings can definitely can be an asset to make the clothing shines and reveals itself!

Here, Kasie and Elizabeth decided to shoot at London Riverside Pier - St George's Wharf, Vauxhall, in London. This area is really convenient, because it is near the Thames, but also have various landscapes, very modern glass buildings, and little cozy areas with green and flowers.

The only thing that you can’t control during an outside photoshoot is the weather…. And as you know in London, it can be shiny to chilly in less than an hour. Unfortunately, if the weather was amazing during weeks, it was cold and grey during the photoshoot day. But brands always try to benefit from unexpected situations. This weather will give another dimension to the pictures, and an interesting result.


A great photographer is almost as important as a good outfit or model. Indeed, he captures the moment, and must do everything he can to make the pictures look good and attractive. The man for the job was A.D.E 

If you are starting your brand as a professional business, do not hesitate to ask for a professional photographer, or if you can’t afford it, at least someone good at photography with a great camera.

If you took pictures with a great camera, instead of a lambda smartphone, pictures will look very professional, and you will distinguish from other competitors.


Sharing with you pictures from behind the scenes, we hope that you now understand better how is organized a photoshoot, and that you will be here to discover the final results on the internet.

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 Anais C on behalf of The Eldimaa Fashion Team


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