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Colourful Tidings of the Dashiki

By Loisann Amoako

Greetings Kings and Queens,

I bring to you the colourful tidings of the Dashiki that made a fashionably massive comeback in the Spring/Summer of 2015; needless to say its garmented presence has been alive in Africa since the seventies.  The widely worn Dashiki of West Africa is worn by man & woman over the upper half of the body, commonly worn as a shirt or oversized dress. Its iconic fabric design lies within the v-neckline, sleeve lines and hem of garment.

Everyone wears the Dashiki but most wearers have no knowledge of the beautiful Angelina fabric used to make the Dashiki. I have often heard the dashiki fabric mistakenly known to be Kente, which is incorrect. Kente is Kente and Angelina is Angelina of one origin, Ghana. The dashiki is the garment which Angelina had its greatest cultural influence hence why it is plausible for me to say that we live in a context which hails fashion over style. The dashiki is massively trendy, with black celebrities pushing African fashion forward for all to see.

Here are our top 5 celebrities who know how to work the Dashiki:

Beyonce, Rhianna, Chris Brown, Wizkid and Jhene Aiko. 

Angelina has its roots in 1970s Ghana where the popularity of the print coincided with the release of the hit song "Angelina" by legendary Ghanaian highlife group ‘The Sweet Talks’. Ghanaians began referring to the printed fabric as 'Angelina' alike the vibrant track and the name has become so popular that major producer and distributor of fashion fabrics for the West and Central African market; Vlisco now uses it when referring to the iconic print.

Vlisco textile designer Toon van de Manakker based the print on a 19th century Ethiopian noblewoman’s tunic. The pattern was originally one of the most important products in the Vlisco range, a beloved best-seller that has been imitated repeatedly since and continues to be produced to this day. At Vlisco, it is the consumer who names each product, which is why the Angelina fabric may be known to some as 'Addis Ababa', 'Miriam Makeba' or 'Mashallah'.

On that harmonious note, shop Eldimaa Fashion Dashikis online in Pink & White, Orange, Black, Blue and Fuschia Pink. Here i've styled the Eldimaa Fashion Black Dashiki.