6 Ways to Entertain Your Children at Home Over the Summer Holidays

With about a month to go until the summer holidays, we’re starting a blog series that will explore some of the ways to keep you and your little ones entertained over the 6 weeks break. This week, we’re looking at some easy ways to spend quality time together without even needing to leave your own home.

Treasure Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Starts Here Sign

Everyone loves a treasure hunt and it’s a great way to keep your little ones entertained away from screens. Why not write little clues to leave around the house that leads them to a prize at the end. It’s a fun way to get them thinking and encourage them to work together as a team to complete the scavenger hunt.

Indoor or Garden Camping

Indoor Camping

Camping, but without the hassle of going to a camping site! Why not pitch up a tent, teepee or fort in your house or garden, complete with picnic and sleeping bags. The ideal way to give your children the camping experience with all facilities still on hand (and beds if it all gets too much).

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

Get fun and arty with your very own summer arts and crafts club. Whether it’s a freestyle arts session or a specific project, simple drawing and colouring or going full out with paints, pipe cleaners and pom-poms - there’s hours of fun to be had getting arty as a family.

Fun Experiments

Science Experiment

If you want something that’s fun but educational, why not try doing some fun science experiments with your kids. There are plenty of easy science experiments that you can complete that are fun for the entire family and sure to keep your children interested.

Dress-Up / Fashion Show

Dressing Up

Children love dressing up so why not get some outfits together and have your very own dress up session or fashion show. Whether you’re creating your own mini catwalk or you are acting out their favourite movies dressed as their favourite characters, fancy dress can be a lot of fun.

Sports Day

Sports Day - Balls

Why don’t you create your own mini sports day or olympics at home. Play your kids favourite sports or create your games or obstacle courses to keep your little ones active and entertained. With so much time and hopefully some nice weather, it’s a great chance to bond with your child over their favourite sport.

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