Eldimaa Fashion How to wear African print Top (ankara, kente). Street style fashion

I thought I will show you how to rock African print top the trendy way. If you like please follow www.instagram.com/eldimaafashion and www.twitter.com/eldimaa also www.facebook.com/eldimaafashion
I made my first Youtube video. I have always thought it will be a great idea to show people how to wear African print on a daily basis to any event and not just special occasions like weddings, birthdays, churches or African parties. I hope you like my 50 seconds clip and watch out for more.

 PS- Your opinions and constructive criticism is invaluable so please feel free to be as honest as possible (I can take it). lol. Happy watching and please share. xoxo

The outfit in this video is bespoke and can be ordered online along with many more ready to wear pieces at www.eldimafashion.com
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