Ankara: The Most Versatile Fabric Ever?

Ankara is a fabric primarily associated with African culture. It consists of cotton and is usually colourful with lots of vibrant patterns and styles. 
We have seen how the fabric can be used to create gorgeous pieces of clothing but how far do people really go with making use of it? 
Well... the truth is that there is almost no limit with this versatile fabric! I came across lots of amazing designs which really make you think how a bit of creativity and imagination can come together to create such unique items. 
The first thing that caught my eye were these glossy finish ankara wedges. Seriously, how amazing are they? 
Next is this cushion with its vivid colours of mustard yellow and fuschia. A beautiful piece to spice up your home in the Summer. 
One thing I didn't expect to find at all was an umbrella! Props to whoever came up with this idea because this will look stylish and protect our hair from frizzing in the awful British weather!
Finally... the most imaginative use of the fabric that I came across. An ankara denim shower curtain! Proof that ankara is certainly not limited to clothing and can be used to make some stunning pieces for your house too!
Would you have something like this in your bathroom?
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