5 Ways to Incorporate a Head Wrap Scarf Into Your Outfit

5 Ways to Incorporate a Head Wrap Scarf Into Your Outfit

Sometimes you plan an outfit in your head, you go to your wardrobe, put it on and find… it’s missing something. There’s nothing wrong with the outfit, but it just needs that added extra to make it pop.


At Eldimaa Fashion, we’re a huge fan of adding a subtle pop of colour to an outfit, the kind of statement colour that adds a unique, stylish twist to your overall look, without being too garish or in your face.


That’s why the head wrap scarf is your best friend, it’s versatility offers you a multitude of different ways to incorporate a subtle but stylish burst of colour or print into your outfit, without clashing with the harmony of the rest of your outfit. 



When we're talking about a head wrap scarf, the obvious choices are tying it in different styles on your head. Perhaps you want to accentuate your hairdo with a stylish bandana, headband style look or maybe you're not feeling up to doing anything with your hair today and just want to cover it up with a stylish head wrap. If this is what you're looking for then why not check out our video above to give you some tips.

Hair Tie

 If you're looking for a why of incorporating the head wrap scarf into your hairstyle, whether its styling up to ponytail by tying the scarf into a neat knot or bow, or whether you want to be a bit more creative by incorporating your scarf into a braid or plait, there are no end of options for bringing a different style each day and keeping your look fresh.

Neck Scarf


Whether it's a little bit cooler outside or you just want something to make your outfit that little bit different, why not incorporate the head wrap scarf into your overall ensemble with a stylish neck scarf or neck tie. Perfect for that sophisticated glamour look, paired with a suit or trench coat, or worn in a casual  vintage style, there's a look for every occasion.


 Sometimes, especially in the summer when you're wearing shorter or rolled up sleeves, your wrists can look a bit bare, and you don't always fancy adding a bracelet, bangle or watch to your outfit. The beauty of styling your scarf this way is that it's colourful, stylish and means you don't have to splash out on expensive jewellery, you can still look on top of your style game without spending a fortune.

Handbag Accessory

Handbag with scarf

Of course, working a scarf into your everyday style doesn't always mean it has to be on your person, why not accessorise your accessories and brighten up a classic bag to give it a brand new look. Whether you weave it round the handles of the bag to give an extra layer of colour and texture to the bag, or whether you want to go for a chic look by tying the scarf around the handle in a stylish knot or bow, this is a simple but effective way to "up-cycle" an old look and create a brand new one.

If you’ve been inspired and want to try incorporating a head wrap scarf into your everyday style, why not check out our beautiful range of African print head wraps here.

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