5 Ways to Digitally Detox Your Life

5 Ways to Digitally Detox Your Life

Life has become increasingly digital and whilst technology is a wonderful and valuable tool, it does have its negative side. From headaches, to disrupted sleep patterns and impacting our mental health, sometimes we could all do with switching off for a few hours and taking a digital detox. In a year where technology has dominated our time, read our tips for ways to digitally detox your life.

Social Media

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of social media, but we are all very aware that it has the potential to, and does, impact negatively on our mental health and general happiness. I’m not saying you need to go cold turkey, or cut social media out of your life altogether, but a great way to detox your life is changing your social media habits
  • Deactivate your account: Permanently if you feel it’s a really toxic influence on your life, or just for a period of time if you want to break out of the habit of using it. Deactivating your account and deleting the app is a sure fire way to make sure you don’t go drifting back to your favourite platform to pass the time.
  • Cut down your time online: Limit yourself to a certain amount of time on these types of app each day and stick to it.
  • Block and mute: These are my personal favourite and I firmly believe that these two functions are your best friend on social media. If you find an account that effects you negatively and it keeps popping up block it or mute it or unfollow. Don’t feel guilty for putting your mental health and well being first.

Cut down on Screen Time

We’re all guilty of turning to our phone screens when we’re bored or have a moment spare, and sometimes a few minutes of scrolling can turn into hours. Cutting down screen time and limiting your usage is a great way to digitally detox and make you more present in the real world. Why not try putting your phone away or leaving it on the other side of the room when you have friends over or are trying to relax. Read a book or a magazine instead of scrolling through the internet, or head out for a walk and enjoy nature.

Don’t answer work calls out of hours

One of the major stresses of modern technology is the ability to be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you’re at home it can be difficult to ignore work calls, but you need to remember that you are entitled to your free time and that answering work calls outside of working hours (on the whole) isn’t part of your job description. You shouldn’t feel guilty for prioritising your free time out of work hours and your boss shouldn’t expect you to. If you have a work mobile, try switching it off as you leave the office and if not, make it clear to colleagues and contacts what your office hours are. Similarly, sign out of your work mailbox, or make sure you don’t spend your free time going through work emails.

Don’t use your phone before bed

Another common piece of advice that we don’t stick to, using your phone and digital a screens before bed has been scientifically proven to effect your night’s sleep. The glare and glow from screens delays our sleepiness and could be the reason you’re having trouble drifting off. Why not spend the period before you go to sleep doing something that doesn’t involve technology, be it reading a book, indulging in a lengthy skin regime, having a bath or meditating. Keep screen time to a minimum and see if it helps you sleep better.

Step away from your screen and take an ACTUAL lunch break

As we’ve already acknowledged, digitally detoxing your life isn’t easy in the modern world, especially when, for most of us, using computers and phones is a necessary part of our working life. However just because it is a necessary part, doesn’t mean we need to let it dominate us. Taking an actual lunch break may sound like a simple way to detox, but so many of us don’t actually take one. Why not mix up eating at your desk or sitting outside scrolling through your phone by instead finding a nice area to sit in where you can chat with colleagues, read a book or just enjoy your surroundings. Why not grab a quick walk to stretch your legs before heading back to the office. Give your mind, and your eyes, a rest and make the most of your lunch break.

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