5 Best Ankara Outfits/Styles Ideas – Fall Outfit Inspiration for women

What feeling does the autumn give you? Cuddle season or Fashion season? Be the talk of the fall as people will fall in love with the 5 ways of styling your Ankara clothing for this season. Let the heads turn as they can be star struck by the gorgeous outfit you came up with all by yourself (don’t worry, it will be our little secret).


1. Ankara and Autumn Coloured Trench Coat – Anybody can pull off a classic trench coat. Wearing a simple white tee and jeans with a trench coat can turn your basic wear to a formal entourage. However, having 3-4 colours on the coat will show a pop of Ankara but also reflecting the colours of the autumn leaves. So, what are you waiting for? get yourself one.

Source: https://www.weddingdigestnaija.com/unleash-style-creative-ankara-styles-2/


2. Matching African Top and shorts – Okay, do not think were crazy autumn is a warm season. Show off your legs and be comfortable at the same time. The outfit brings out a warm but optimistic colour that balance African culture and autumn transitioning. For you sophisticated girls you can top it off with a pair of heels. Whereas your casual wear girls could pair it with vans or converses.

Source: https://www.prettydesigns.com/20-styles-to-wear-crop-tops-and-skirts-for-summer/


3. African Big Sleeves – The trend has been blowing up during this 2020 period. Therefore, it is a must to input African big sleeves into your wardrobe this season. The trend certainly shows off the feminine, luxurious, and glamorous appearance. I Hope you’re going to a dinner party soon. Perhaps you could impress your friends tonight as you scream rich in fall couture.

Source: https://www.africabaie.com/en/produit/african-clothing-ankara-top-puffed-sleeve-top/


4. African off shoulder dresses – To feel elegant, classy, and sexy, then you got to go with the off-shoulder dress look. One that is bursting with vibrant yellow, red, and green in African flavour to show off those gorgeous shoulders of yours. To make it even more cosy for the occasion, throw on some long combat boots, a cardigan, and a Beret hat to top it off.



5. African Kimonos Fashion – Originated in Japan from the 8th to 11th century, and now we have been loving it in African clothing and styles. Obviously, we are going to add it to our autumn favourites. When styling a kimono, it transforms the entire style. By using a simple all white or all black top and jeans. Putting a kimono with colours that mirrors the changing leaves of the season, you will steal the show. Just like you going to steal looks from Daniels today (wink(😉).

Source: https://www.kudarachel.com/products/african-print-kimono


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