My hour with the supermodel Naomi Campbell

by Juline Merlet

One week ago, I had the chance to be in the same room as Naomi Campbell. Yes, the same great super model whom I saw on more covers than I can number, and whom I was watching on the TV in The Face a few years ago.

Ms Campbell came to China Exchange on this 19th April, in the heart of China Town, London to spend 60 minutes of Q&A with us, to the delight of her fans, but also of fashion lovers, eager to ask her a lot of questions.

She answered with humour, grace and humbleness. I was almost surprised to see how human she is, after seeing her so many times as an icon in glossy magazines. But her friendliness and her spontaneity was a reminder that is just like us.

Gorgeous in her white jumpsuit, she spoke about her career, the different aspects of her success, her achievements but also her new objectives. She seems to me very ambitious, always looking for new challenges, new discoveries and new goals to reach. She began, as everybody knows, as a model then the supermodel she is today.

The first black model to appear on the cover of some famous magazines (Vogue, Time Magazine) she is today an active businesswoman with multiple experiences. Actress, producer, singer, writer, fashion designer –she mentioned a luggage line coming soon and even more.

She is also very involved in charity work, which she began with the late Nelson Mandela. Today she is the founder of 'Fashion for Relief' devoted to the victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. She revealed during the intimate China exchange seminar that she would like to do something with the Mandela name, to add even more legacy and impact to her charity work.

To conclude, on that Tuesday afternoon, Naomi brought to us a wave of motivation and good vibes by telling us the story of how a Brixton girl has became one of the greatest models of all time, with her dedication, I believe she will be even more successful than she is today.

A message from Ms Campbell: "go ahead and believe in your dreams!"

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