The Malaika in Kente

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Part of our new range of women’s two pieces, The Malaika, coming in vibrant colours and bold patterns, has been perfectly designed to embrace your curves and leave you looking stylish and confident. What we love about the design of The Malaika is that it pairs that fitted look in the form of figure flattering shorts, with a more loose fitted and baggy style with the kimono type jacket. Embracing that smart-casual look, The Malaika can be worn together as a two-piece or individually: the shorts looking perfect with a casual t-shirt and the kimono jacket looking great over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Born from a style similar to that of its sister design The Malika in Green, this version of The Malaika draws on a simple pattern, mimicking the effect of scales or feathers. With a vibrant and bright orange, nestled into an equally striking green, capped off with a deep dark fusion of purple and blue, the kimono jacket and shorts bring a level of style and exuberance to your wardrobe that is befitting of the summer months.

Product Information:

  • Two-piece comprising of shorts and a kimono jacket
  • Ankara African print material