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Taking care of your skin is a full time pursuit, but our skincare routines differ and change throughout the year, as does our skin. Here at Eldimaa Fashion, we wanted to share some of our key skincare steps for the spring and summer months. So why not grab one of our bonnets or head wraps, put on your favourite film and enjoy some well deserved TLC.

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Beat the Blues   January is renowned for being the drab and dull hurdle we have to tackle at the start of each year. Even at the best of times the January blues are inevitable and already, just a few weeks into 2021, with the current situation of global and domestic affairs I think we would all like to go into hibernation until summer 2025. Since this doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon it is probably a good idea to look for other ways to cheer ourselves up. This week I want you to invest in yourself. Forget...

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